Life or Employment Changes

Normally, your benefit elections remain in effect from January 1 through December 31, and you may only make changes during Annual Enrollment. However, if you experience a qualifying life/employment status change during the year, you may be able to change some of your benefit elections.

You must make any eligible changes within 31 days after the event, or wait until the next Annual Enrollment period.

What's a qualifying status change?

Qualifying Life Event Changes Qualifying Employment Status Changes
You can make modifications to your benefit elections within 31 days following the date a life event change occurs, such as:
  • Marriage, divorce or legal separation
  • Dissolution of domestic partnership
  • Death of a spouse, domestic partner or a dependent
  • Birth, adoption or placement for adoption or foster care of a child
  • Birth of a domestic partner's child
  • Termination of employment (or commencement of employment) of a spouse
  • Dependent child losing eligibility for health care coverage
  • Switching from full-time to part-time status by the teammate/spouse
  • Significant change in health coverage that is attributable to the spouse's employment
You can make modifications to your benefit elections within 31 days of your eligibility date if you:
  • Convert from full-time hourly to
    part-time hourly status*
  • Convert from part-time hourly to
    full-time hourly or salaried status
  • Commence or return from an
    unpaid leave of absence
*Under ACA, converting to part-time will not allow you to drop your medical coverage. However, if you gain coverage under a qualified medical plan, you may be able to revoke your coverage through the Company. Contact Benefits at 1-800-690-7655, ext 3012, option 5 or

Don't wait!

You must make any life event or employment status changes within 31 days of the event, or you'll have to wait until the next Annual Enrollment period. Changes are not automatic—in other words, the birth of a baby does not automatically enroll the child under your coverage.

Changing your coverage

Any change in benefits must be consistent with the type of status change event. If the change does not in any way impact your benefit coverage or your ability to pay for it, then it cannot be used to justify a change.

Note: If your benefit change results in increased coverage (for example, changing from single to family medical coverage), a back charge may be deducted from your pay to cover the new premium rate.

Making a change to your benefits

See the steps for making a benefits change.

Need help or have questions? Contact Benefits at 1-800-690-7655, ext. 3012, option 5 or by email for information, forms, etc.

Having a baby?

If you, your spouse or your domestic partner enrolls in the Company medical plan, you are eligible for telephonic education and support programs during your pregnancy. There is no cost to you, and all calls are strictly confidential.

Just contact your carrier, and a maternity nurse specialist will get you started right away. Throughout your pregnancy, the specialist will work with you to help make your pregnancy go smoother and assist you in having a healthy baby.

  • Detailed health and lifestyle assessment
  • Facts about pregnancy and birth
  • Personalized counseling
  • Individualized educational materials
  • Help in choosing a doctor, midwife or pediatric caregiver, if necessary
  • Helpline available 24 hours a day

Covering your dependents

Make sure you know whom you can cover. If you're adding a dependent, see what you'll need to verify eligibility. Plus, the ACA requires us to provide your dependents' Social Security numbers.

Learn more about covering dependents.

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