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This is where you’ll find everything you need to know about your 2015 medical benefits:

Need help deciding?

Seriously—choosing the right medical coverage is not that hard! Check out the 2015 Medical Plan Decision Guide—and “talk” to Alex.

Use your online tools

The health plan carriers have a number of powerful tools to help you choose and use your benefits. Check it out.

Covering your dependents

Make sure you know who you can cover. If you are adding dependents, you will need to verify eligibility. Learn more about covering dependents and information you need to verify eligibility.

Prescription drug coverage

If you enroll in any of our medical plans, Express Scripts will provide your prescription drug benefits. This means:

      • You’ll get an ID card from Express Scripts that you’ll use only for prescriptions.
      • There will now be only one formulary (the list of generic and brand name drugs covered by your pharmacy benefits). That’s important if you switch medical plans in the future.
      • Express Scripts will make sure you’re getting the most effective and safe medications for your condition. They’ll contact you or your doctor if they see something that requires attention.

Express Scripts offers savings at thousands of participating retail pharmacies throughout the country and through mail order. To make sure your local pharmacy is part of the Express Scripts network and to see if your medication is on the formulary, visit the Express Scripts website. For answers to questions frequently asked about Express Scripts services, click here.

Important information about covering your domestic partner

You can cover your qualified same- or opposite-sex domestic partner and their children under your medical, dental, vision, and dependent life benefits. There are some specific rules about eligibility. Get the details.

Important Note: Federal tax laws apply differently to domestic partners than to legal spouses. Your contributions for coverage of your domestic partner (and his or her children) will be deducted on a post-tax basis. In addition, the value of that coverage must be reported to and taxed by the IRS as regular income. This is known as “imputed income.” State tax laws vary. You should check with a tax advisor before deciding.

Medical plan options:

Each has a different deductible, out-of-pocket maximum, and cost per paycheck. Learn more.

Compare your medical options

Do a quick comparison of the 2015 medical plans side-by-side.

Another way to look at it. . .

Consider the worst' case scenario under all three plans. Read this to see how your out-of-pocket costs would compare.

One more thing. . .

Check out Aetna’s handy tool to help you estimate your expenses that are subject to the deductible.

Know the rules: HRAs and FSAs

Read this if you’re enrolled in PPO1 and the Health Care FSA.

Preventive Care… Are you as healthy as you feel?

The fact is, if you haven’t had a biometric screening and annual physical, you can’t know for sure. By taking advantage of free preventive care, you can save time, money… and even your life.

Covering your dependents

Read this if you’re adding dependents to your benefits.

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